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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning & Coating in St. Louis

GC Industrial has 28+ years in commercial HVAC cleaning, we can handle the largest of projects and are specialists in food processing, pharmaceutical and hospital buildings.

What is Central Air Contamination?

Having your buildings heating, ventilation and air conditioning system cleaned could very well save on energy costs, reduce sick days for the occupants and improve the performance of the building.

A buildings duct system acts like its lungs and circulatory system, often mixing outside (fresh) air with the recycled air from within the building.

Heating and cooling larger buildings is a tough job and accounts for up to half of the energy use in such buildings. On the whole, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are by far the largest sources of energy use within a home or building. In hospitals this may be more than 50 percent of the monthly bills!

Ironically, heating and cooling systems tend to be poorly maintained. These systems, which are used every day of the year, get dirty and can become heavily contaminated with dirt, dust, animal dander, human skin cells, molds, bacteria, pollens, construction debris and more!

Cleaning and treating of these systems takes a specialized crew with special techniques to ensure the health and safety of the buildings occupants.

Cleaning & Treating Of:

  • Air handlers, heat recovery units, dehumidifying equipment
  • Coils—reheat, heat, cooling, process, heat wheels, energy wheels
  • Duct work interior and exteriors
  • Removal & replacement of worn liners
  • Microbial contamination remediation of HVAC systems
  • Hazardous material removal from HVAC systems—heavy metals, combustible dust, food product, pharma contaminants, lead paint, asbestos.

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Emergencies include:

  • Fire & Smoke Odor Removal
  • Water Removal/Drying
  • Mold/Fungus/Bacteria Remediation
  • Vandalism/Graffiti Removal