Coil Cleaning

Your Facility Could Benefit From…

  • Increased static pressure, improved temperature and humidity control.
  • What about meeting joint commission or CMS pressure compliance requirements?

A dirty coil reduces the air flow causing a change in the coil temperature. This may lead to damage of the compressor, poor temperature and humidity control, reduced air flow delivered to the occupied space, not meeting positive pressure requirements as well as excessive wear on the chiller.

The Advantages of Good Maintenance

When considering the minimal cost of maintenance by deep cleaning a dirty coil to prevent costly repairs, maintain hygiene and static pressure – our service, without exception, is the logical choice.

The air moving across these coils will in most cases, contain soils such as dust, dirt, pollen, grease, and moisture. Airborne contaminants will settle on the coil surfaces, adversely affecting the coils’ ability to transfer heat. Pollen, bacteria, and mold spores on the evaporator coil form a bio film that will not only reduce heat transfer but will also affect the quality of the air within a home or building.

In addition, the cost of operating dirty air conditioning and refrigeration equipment is greater than you or your customer might suspect. Dirty condenser coils increase power costs. When the coil becomes fouled with dirt and grime, it cannot provide its designed—or, in some cases, even adequate heat transfer.

The cost of dirty coils goes beyond energy use. As dirt and grime collect on the condenser, they restrict heat transfer and cause the compressor to work harder. This adds more heat to the system and causes the head pressure to rise. Rising head pressure will result in a loss of cooling capacity of up to 30%. A 10-ton system with a 30% loss provides only 7 tons of cooling. This loss of capacity will typically be most noticeable on the hottest days when cooling is needed the most.

Bio films deep inside the coil are the problem and standard cleaning and chemicals do not work on them—they are resistant to water and chemicals.

Standard coil cleaning—aggressive harmful chemicals, garden hose, pump sprayer etc., will not remove bio films and restore coil performance!

GC Industrial uses proprietary high flow, low pressure cleaning techniques combined with state of the art probiotic, PH neutral cleaners to ensure that the coil is “restored” and not packed full of debris on the coils interior.

Thick coils are no problem for this process, we have the advantage of science and dwell time, we can even treat coils without a rinse needed for critical environments where a shutdown is not allowed.

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