Air Handling Unit Refurbishment

Extend the Life of Your Aging Air Handlers

As air handlers age, they become less efficient and can diminish indoor air quality and performance. Capital improvements can help your AHU operate at optimum efficiency, but basic operations and maintenance are often overlooked. Evaluating the cost of replacement vs. AHU refurbishment when it comes to HVAC equipment is a tough decision, but one that every facility professional will probably face.

So how do you know when AHU refurbishment is a viable option?

If it seems that the refurbishment will offer at least 10+ years extension of service life, it’s probably worth the work and money. Some equipment is robustly constructed and can easily go beyond its statistical useful life with refurbishment. Having your AHU refurbished can also cost much less than complete replacement—sometimes 10–20 percent of a new system!

What can be done?

  • Remove & replace worn or contaminated fiberglass liners
  • Deep Clean Components
  • Coil Restoration—get your air flow and hygiene back!
  • Drain Pan Coating—improve drainage and maintain hygiene
  • Epoxy Paint Fans, Fan Housing, Drive Assemblies—
    improve hygiene & appearance
  • Replace door gaskets
  • Clean & Paint Exteriors—improve appearance for visible units
  • Select Interior Component Demolition—
    clear space for new fans and drives

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